Personal Details

Professional Scrum Product Owner PSPO-I & II certified Show Certificates

  • Name: Matthias Gerstl change_to_comma BSc
  • Date of birth: 3rd December 1990
  • Nationality: Citizen of Austria
  • Phone: +43 676 95 888 41
  • Skype: Matthias Gerstl
  • Email:

Professional Profile

I am a passion-driven eCommerce specialized Product Owner with close to 9 years’ worth of international experience in fast paced agile environments. Professional focal points include project governance, product management, change management, and strategic planning. Delivering superior execution to support maximum returns on the latter areas of expertise requires efficient communication and organizational skills, procedure analysis, and resource management.

Over the years, I have demonstrated a unique ability to deliver innovative digital solutions that enhance efficiency, improve the user experience, reduce costs, and ultimately drive sustainable competitive advantage.

I would be glad to have you in my network

Learning by Doing

Work Experience


Global eCommerce Manager | Product Owner

voestalpine High Performance Metals | Steel Industry

Responsible for managing execution & delivery of internal and customer-facing applications, such as high-performance online shops, customer portal deployment and roll-out of iOS and Android apps.

  • Coordinating the planning, development, and delivery of both internal and customerfacing applications, ranging from online shops, customer portal deployment, and iOS and Android apps
  • Working as a Product Owner in agile SCRUM-driven framework, determining and planning features and functionalities
  • Acting as a key stakeholder in strategic planning, leveraging market research to define eCommerce requirements across different international markets
  • Spearheading a novel heat treatment app, establishing a significant new stream of revenue for the company
  • Coordinating with other internal teams across the sales cycle, offering pre-sale customer support, identifying customer risks and developing corrective strategies to promote new business
  • Orchestrating the world-wide roll-out of the Digital Store Front steel shopping platform
  • Developing and implementing novel features, fostering a continuous improvement of UI and UX
  • Liaising and integrating with specialized external partners to support product development
  • Implementing control processes, ensuring strict adherence to GDPR frameworks


Digital Project Manager

Air Liquide AUSTRIA | Gas Industry

  • Successfully completed the two-year Leading Excellence Trainee Program, coordinating two large-scale projects in France and Belgium
  • Led the development and implementation of a wide array of projects across multiple sites
  • Managed cross-functional teams, liaised with stakeholders to gather functional requirements, and
    translated them to actual deliverables
  • Executed various digital marketing campaigns via social media and Google AdWords
  • Established road maps and schedules, and utilized various lean methodologies depending on project specification and organizational requirements
  • Delivered multiple landing pages, online shops, customer portals, and additional products
  • Conceptualized and implemented AI chatbots to handle customer requests, enhancing efficiency significantly while reducing person-hours and delivering impressive cost savings
  • Architected a new solution to collect customer data and facilitate service opt-in, driving GDPR compliance lead across the group
  • Trained, developed, and mentored stakeholders across the organization on new applications and technologies, acting as SME


Digital Project Consultant

Air Liquide FRANCE | Gas Industry

People Development in SWE-Cluster (France, Italy, Iberia) | Industrial Merchant
[temporary based as an expat in Paris, FRANCE]

Serve as a Digital Project Consultant in evaluation, comparison and counselling of 2 learning managment applications.

  • designed, sent-out and analyzed a survery for user experience of the 2 applications
  • delivered a gap-assessments incl. mock-ups for the roll-out of Learning Management System
  • presented results based on aggregated data & survey and action plan to SWE-cluster team
  • trained team colleagues on new applications in preparation for action plan


Digital Project Consultant

Air Liquide BENELUX | Gas Industry

Core Team in NWE-Cluster (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) | Large Industries
[temporary based as an expat in Brussels, BELGIUM]

Serve as a Digital Project Consultant in delivery and management of the overall scope of 2 safety critical large enterprise projects. Responsible for planning and execution of project activities, working closely with stakeholder and technical leads.

1st Part – Gap assessment for 2 safety critical applications

  • organized & led a 3-days workshop with over 25 site ambassadors from the NWE-cluster
  • delivered 2 gap-assessments incl. risk analysis & mock-ups for the roll-out of eSafteyonboarding and eWorkPermit
  • achieved full onboarding commitment from enduser
  • set up full project management plan and delivered results in time

2nd part – Strategic note “value coCreation”

  • summarized achievements of current value coCreation
  • provided full explanation how to understand & apply value coCreation
  • established a strategic framework for rolling out VC on other customer


Founder & Owner e.U. | e-commerce | Single Product Online Shop – launched in May 2019

  • Further diversifying and rolling out a 1-click online shop, integrating apple pay check-out
  • Continuously refining products and introducing new features and functionalities to make them intuitive and easy to read, and provide a seamless user journey | Digital Consulting – launched in Oct 2016

  • Starting offering eCommerce consulting services to a wide array of clients

  • Guiding clients in optimizing their websites, optimizing UI/UX, creating integrated funnels, and enhancing the entire user journey | Online Art Market Place – launched in Aug 13

  • Conceptualizing and developing an online shop from the ground up

  • Coordinating extensive market research to identify a profitable product mix and building a portfolio of 200+ unique products

  • Establishing the overall brand’s image, developing and producing engaging content, and delivering it via a mix of digital channels



Boso GmbH & Co KG | Medical Technology

Maintenance of Sphygmomanometer, Documentation & Reporting, Logistics



Boso GmbH & Co KG | Medical Technology

Maintenance of Sphygmomanometer, Documentation & Reporting, Logistics



Josef Manner & Comp AG | Food Technology

Manufacturing & Maintenance, Seasonal Packaging, Commissioning



Boehringer Ingelheim RCV Austria GmbH | Biotechnology

Validation of Software Roll-Outs, Evaluation & Improvement of Thin-Client Architecture



Boehringer Ingelheim RCV Austria GmbH | Biotechnology

Commissioning & Commodities Management of Pharmaceuticals




Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Bioengineering - Bioinformatics {GPA 3.0}

FH Campus Wien – University of Applied Sciences, 1100 Vienna

Diploma Thesis-II: „Artificial breeding of fungal species with an RPi controlled incubator“
Diploma Thesis-I:“Functional transformation of yeast stem with a L-lactate dehydrogenase”


Bachelor of Science


Engineer (Ing.)

Industrial Engineering - Technical Process Management {GPA 3.5}

HTBLVA (=Higher Vocational School) for Textile Industry & Data Processing, 1050 Vienna

Diploma Thesis: „Cost optimized maintenance“ in association with Josef Manner & Comp AG


Skill Set


PSPO-I & II certified

Professional Scrum Product Owner-I & II

Matthias Gerstl has demonstrated an advanced knowledge of Professional Scrum Product Ownership, the Scrum framework, ability to support value creation and delivering valuable products.

PSM-II certified

Professional Scrum Master

Matthias Gerstl has demonstrated an advanced level of Scrum mastery and proven an understanding of the underlying principles of Scrum and can effectively apply Scrum in complex, real-world situations.

PAL-I certified

Professional Agile Leadership-I

Matthias Gerstl is a leader who understands that being Agile adds value to your business, and why leadership understanding, sponsorship, and support of Agile practices are essential to an organization becoming more agile.

Tech Stack

Microsoft Power BI69%
Adobe CC Suite92%
MS Office 36597%
1st language
2nd language
  • Artifcial Intelligence (AI)
  • Chatbot Deployment
  • Concept & Execute Landing Pages
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Customer Journey
  • SEM & SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Wireframe Development
  • Product Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Video Editing

Project Compendium

Track Record

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Oct 2020 - Feb 2021

Asset Sync Setup for Webshops in China | Technical & Legal Enablement

Corporate websites have been affected by the Great Firewall of China by indication a dramatical slow page speed performance

    • domain exclusion and transfer to chinese domain registrar
    • google services replaced with chinese service provider
    • advanced asset-sync setup established between AWS China and AWS global
    • Cloudfront distribution inside China implemented
    • ICP & PSB number application completed
    • continious page speed monitoring for each single web session
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voestalpine High Performance Metals
May 2019 - Oct 2019

Platform Stabilization | Technical Debt Cutting Strategy

Platform stabilzation cuts technical debts significantly & ensure quality assurance

    • Comprehensive web session recording available as shareable video
    • Understand how KPIs perform by seeing through the user’s eyes
    • proactive user opt-in via cookie banner
    • UX & UI improvements through heat map analysis
    • GDPR compliance with pseudonymization & anonymization mechanisms
    • Implemented page speed performance monitoring for chinese corporate websites
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voestalpine High Performance Metals
May 2019 - Oct 2019

Data Privacy | GDPR/LGPD/CCPA/APPI Compliance

Global implementation of legal requirements for Data Privacy framworks

  • Evaluated legal requirements of different Data Privacy frameworks
  • Act as a SPOC for data privacy topics between legal experts and subsidiaries
  • Achieved GDPR compliance with industry leading best-practice example
  • Shared knowledge & proactively maintained the internal Data Privacy community
  • Introduce & implement new Services/Features which heavily rely on Data Privacy Compliance
  • Lead contractual and Data Privacy (incl. SCC) related conversations with SaaS vendors
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April 2019 - May 2019 | single product online shop is the source for the leading waterproof case for smartphones

  • Deployed a single product online shop with low-clickrate check-out
  • Implemented review section incl. automized feedback journey
  • Achieved GDPR compliance with leading best-practice example
  • Platform-supported customer-centric live-chat
  • Messenger-bot implemented lead generation conversation flows (manychat)
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January 2019 - March 2019 | datasheet download landing page is the leading saftey-data sheet download page

  • concepted & deployed seamless safety data sheet download page
  • interactive intelligent animated real-time search bar
  • delivered a download manager with link & e-mail share feature
  • automized feedback loop, after user action
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October 2018

welcome kit | data collection & service opt-in unifies data collection & service opt-in for customers

  • achieved GDPR compliance with leading best-practice example
  • best of class & state of the art landing page for data collection & opt-in
  • enables Sales Representatives to preRegister customers
  • anti-bounce pop-up reduces registration abortions
  • continuous improvement through heat-map analysis
  • intuitive UI & UX with split-screen design
No Tags
Febuary 2018

safety training | online shop is an online shop for safety-training in handling of technical gases

  • one-stop online shop with automated pdf-ticket generation
  • shopping cart with price rules and voucher-code
  • connected with ticket app system incl. barcode
  • e-mail newsletter opening-rate: >39%, click-rate: >8%
  • positive ROI achieved within 12 days
No Tags
Febuary 2018

Influencer marketing campaign | growth hacking

established professional collaboration with one of the leading DIY influencer channel on youtube

  • most successful marketing campaign since ALbee product introduction
  • deployed complete sales journey for Germany & Austria
  • negotiated sponsorship & collaboration with influencer
  • positive ROI achieved within 16 days
  • published 3 videos with currently over 80,000 views
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October 2017

e-claim management | landing page is a simple landing page dedicated for Air Liquide Austria customers to enable a channel for claims

  • best of class & state of the art digital claim management solution
  • enhanced UX interface via intelligent form
  • separated instances for technical & medical customers
  • feedback rating for continuous UX improvement
  • nominated for the best UX-customer project inside Air Liquide
No Tags
September 2017

e-delivery notes conversion | landing page is a simple landing page to motivate Air Liquide Austria customers to register for the e-delivery note.

  • e-mail targeting via call-center agent & sales rep
  • 4 different trigger to bring customers on
  • e-mail newsletter opening-rate: >41%, click-rate:10%
  • crosslink section to lead customer to
  • positive ROI achieved within 11 days
No Tags
August 2017

customer portal conversion | landing page is a simple landing page to motivate Air Liquide Austria customers to register for the customer portal.

  • e-mail targeting via call-center agent & sales rep
  • 3 different trigger to bring customers on
  • crosslink section to lead customer to
  • customer data is saved 3 times independently
No Tags
June 2017

e-invoice conversion - landing page

e-invoice conversion deployed & executed for Air Liquide in Austria, Switzerland & Germany

  • uses 5 different trigger to bring customers on
  • e-mail newsletter-campaign with over 4,800 adresses 
  • e-mail newsletter opening-rate: >43%, click-rate: >11%
  • positive ROI achieved within 17 days
  • customer data is saved 3 times independently
landing page
Air Liquide Austria
May 2017 | one page is a simple landing page to introduce visitors to project exposure & service portfolio

  • page utilizes amazon elastic transcoding
  • media collaboration via log-in secured section
  • 2-step google authentficator log-in protection
No Tags e.U.
June 2016

Artificial breeding of fungal species | Bachelor Thesis

RESTRICTED DATA – approved for patent application

No Tags
FH Campus Wien - University of Applied Science
January 2014 | e-commerce plattform is a online art gallery, with high quality presentation & full service range

  • founded & established company with less than 1,000€
  • online art marketplace, with +200 unique products
  • social media presence with +5,400 follower
  • 99,99% forgery-proof art by using database linked certificates
  • page utilizes amazon elastic transcoding
e-commerce marketplace e.U.
June 2011

Cost-optimized Maintenance | Diploma Thesis

Deployed 5 suistainable maintenance actions for Austria’s biggest confectionery manufacturer,  Josef Manner & Comp AG

  • financially sponsored by the Austrian initiative
  • completed project successfully within 6 month – in time, graded with A
  • supported by planzone with free pro version of collaboration software (SaaS)
industrial engineering
Diploma Thesis



Years of Experience
Deployed Websites
Sprints completed
Bugs resolved


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